Mario Ferreira

Production Manager

“Straightforward and to the point”

Clients and colleagues have come to appreciate Mario’s upfront approach, as they know where they stand, and Mario always gets results.  In fact he’s often known to under-promise and over-deliver.

Mario manages Comace’s joinery work, both in the factory and onsite.  He is incredibly dedicated, cycling to work at 5am and never leaving before 5pm.  His passion for Comace, the team, and clients is evident throughout all his work.  With a great sense of humour, Mario keeps the joinery team motivated and believes that having fun at work gets the best out of people.  

Mario has expensive hobbies, much to the frustration of his wife.  Photography, cycling and home brewing – any one of these alone could keep a man busy (and poor), but being a 110% kind-of-a-guy, Mario throws himself into his hobbies as much as he does his work. There are no half measures.