Terry Davies

Commercial Fitout & Maintenance Manager

“Mr Fix-it”

Nobody knows how old Terry is. He defies the ageing process by visiting the gym six days a week and eating super foods.  His secret may also lie in his earring, which he hasn’t removed in 35 years.  Depicting the Ying and Yang, Terry finds balance in everything he does.  This ‘zen’ approach to life means he has an infectious positivity – and words like ‘can’t’ simply don’t belong in his vocabulary.  

Terry sees opportunity everywhere, and will always find a way to do the impossible.  This can be a useful skill to have while running Comace’s busy maintenance division, where he has earned the reputation for being ‘Mr Fix-It’.  The demands of clients are met with a ‘can-do’ attitude, and Terry never gets stressed co-ordinating hundreds of maintenance jobs, liaising with contractors, arranging quotes, providing site supervision, or putting clients’ minds at rest.