Paul Williams

Managing Director

“The Heart & Soul”

As founder of Comace, Paul had humble beginnings, with days spent making wooden trophies while completing his cabinet-making apprenticeship. He could usually be found working in the back yard garage, while his wife Pam kept things going on the home front with the family.  

Many years in business since have given Paul strong ethics and a keen nose for ‘bull’ – with a solid determination to keep things real at all costs. It’s one reason why Comace has such great client and employee relationships and a no-nonsense culture. His heart lies in creating an inspired workforce and satisfied customers – with a happy vibe for all.  

Paul is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet – he’s the real deal with true heart and soul.  In between raising thousands for various charities, he is actively involved in lobbying government, representing the building industry for employees, subcontractors and business owners alike. He genuinely wants to make the industry (and world) a better place, and mentors many up and coming young people.

Paul’s responsibilities, memberships and awards…(hope you’re sitting down!)

  • ASA - Australian Subcontractors Association - Chair from 2016 to present
  • SAILG - Southern Adelaide Industry Leaders Group and Work Experience sub-group
  • TAFE SA - Member of TAFE SA Industry Reference Group
  • CEO - A member of the CEO Institute since 2010
  • MBA - Master Builders Sub Contractors Committee and Futures Working Group
  • BCIP -The Building & Construction Industry Participation Advisory Panel - Industry Advocates Office
  • AJC - Australian Joinery Consortium (a consortium of Joinery companies to tender large projects in South Australia)
  • CEO Institute - Fellow member and CCEO certification No 246 – 21 March 2016
  • Master Builders CCP – 1st Certified Practicing Professional – March 2017
  • ERBA / SBC - Southern Business Connections – Life Membership – November 2016
  • ASOFIA – Australian Shop and Office Fitout Association – Past Treasurer and National Councillor