Mark Robinson

General Manager

"The Connector"

With more than 25 years working in South Australia’s commercial design and construction sector, there’s not too many people who haven’t met or know of Mark. His experience ranges from understanding the nuances of architectural and design practices to large suppliers, and government procurement to commercial contracting and manufacturing (and somehow, he just seems to know an awful lot of the right people too.)

Adept at helping firms to punch well above their weight, Mark is a realist who also has the empathy needed to encourage people to work together and always think outside of the box.. He’s known for seeing people’s potential quickly, and making sure that opportunities are grasped firmly – with a commitment to continuous improvement at all levels. It’s all about consultation and collaboration for Mark, and he’s clear that he won’t compromise on quality and transparency. 

Mark is an irrepressible optimist, who doesn’t believe in taking life too seriously. He celebrates successes, and takes his colleagues and clients with him, as well as keeping a well-honed sense of perspective.